Trade & Trade Law

  • Project Development supporting negotiation-positions of SADC-member states concerning the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) on TRADE in Services between the EU and SADC (Southern Africa). Sector profile studies specifically focused on SMEs and regulatory framework analysis, as preparation for sector-specific negotiations between EU and SADC-members, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique.
  • IFC funded project Tourism Licensing Simplification. Provided technical assistance to the Ministry in developing simplified, efficient and transparent regulations and processes to reduce the total costs of administering the licensing process through the simplification of procedures and a review of institutional roles and responsibilities. International comparison in TRADE in Tourism Services with other countries such as Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, and particularly Mozambique in the context of GoM’s guiding documents for regulatory reform ‘Strategy to Improve the Business Environment’ (EMAN, 2008-2012) and the ‘2012 Action Plan to Improve the Business Environment’ (PAMAN, 2012).
  • Assisted the Nigerian Federal Ministry of TRADE and Investment in the improvement of the quality and quantity of business advocacy and Public-Private Dialogue (PPD), resulting in an improved legal, policy and regulatory environment for business.
  • Project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, for the Ministry of TRADE and Industry, Suriname. In the context of the Competitiveness Enhancement Programme in Suriname, prepared an Action Plan to improve competitiveness and assist institutions to implement measures and simplify procedures. Conducted diagnostic and benchmarking of Suriname’s competitiveness and assisted the Ministry of Trade and Industry in presentation of the results; Prepared draft reform of the Decree E-24 SB, 145 and 147, on business Licensing for the Sectors Trade, Industry, Craft Industry and Tourism.
  • Netherlands Antilles (observer status in Cariforum). Ministry of Internal Affairs of The Netherlands: RIA Programme for the Netherlands Antilles with regard to the TRADE Protocols of the Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU.
  • EIM: Five years of research focusing on (international) Wholesale TRADE: Sector Enterprise Assessments, Sector Profiling Studies, Access to Finance Projects, ICT-usage, and Regulatory Framework Studies. European Observatory for SMEs, TRADE.
  • Certificates European TRADE Law I & II, University of Utrecht.