Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Training Development and RIA Workshop Implementation, Zambia

For the Standards Alliance,  a Cooperative Agreement between the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and USAID, development of a Training in Regulatory Impact Assessment and implementation of a RIA Workshop.

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Training Development:
1. Serve as a technical point of contact for ANSI in developing the content of the training.
2. Develop training agenda in consultation with ANSI staff and staff of RSS Group.
3. In collaboration with ANSI staff and staff of RSS Group, develop presentations and other workshop materials in accordance with the objectives of the project.

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Workshop Implementation:
1. Attend the workshops.
2. Serve as an expert presenter for selected topics to be decided in coordination with ANSI staff and staff of RSS Group.
3. Assist with the facilitation of the interactive portion of the workshops.
4. Assist ANSI staff with the compiling of information generated from the interactive portion of the workshop to develop specific recommendations for implementing public consultation and regulatory impact analysis tools.
5. Moderate the interactive portions of the workshops.